Research & Medical Education

At NYC Surgical Associates we believe in evidence based medicine, and using data evaluation to improve processes, both clinical and administrative in every way possible.

We track our results, both clinical as well as subjective patient data, as we understand patient satisfaction is also an important component in delivering excellent medical care.

Our staff of researchers, led by Dr. Huang, our Director of Clinical Research, is constantly working to evaluate our protocols so that we can provide the most effective treatment with the lowest complication rate possible for every patient, and do it in a cost effective manner.

You may be invited to participate in research protocols in order to help us answer questions about current care and how to improve it. Participation is completely voluntary.

Current studies underway:

1. A study comparing the traditional endovenous ablation techniques including radiofrequency ablation and endovenous laser to the No-Knife(tm) Endovenous ablation technique pioneered by Dr. Greuner and his staff. Criteria that will be evaluated include scar formation, cost, overall patient satisfaction, operating time.

2. A study comparing the Cool Vein(tm) technique pioneered by Dr. Greuner and staff which involves the readministration of cooled tumescent anesthesia to minimize the incidence of sensory neuropathy when treating below knee perforating veins in comparison to the traditional technique of warmed anesthetic fluid. Primary endpoint is the absolute incidence and relative decrease in sensory neuropathy utilizing each technique.

Please see “Publications” for a selected list of past publications of our staff.