Lymph Sparing Liposuction

Surgical treatment of lipedema is available in very few centers, worldwide. While in Germany, the UK and elsewhere mostly in Europe, lymph sparing liposuction to remove liopedemic fat has been used for several years with excellent results, this extremely specialized technology has not been used in the USA, with the exception of at City Surgical Care where our lymphovascular team specializes in the full range of lymphatic and vascular issues, particularly pertaining to the lower extremities and other areas.

City Surgical Care is the only free standing center in the country that offers the full array of vascular and lymphatic diagnostics to accurately diagnose your problem, conservative (non-surgical) treatment, as well as definitive surgical treatment at one location, without the need for referrals.

Our surgical team is trained and are pioneers in lymph sparing liposuction using specialized custom cannulas (instruments) that remove this diseased tissue in a non-traumatic way, minimizing damage to the critical lymphatic structures that are often dysfunctional in lymphatic disorders.
Because of our advanced diagnostic capabilities, we are able to offer real time imaging of the lymph vessels, veins, and arteries to avoid potential pitfalls in the clinical course of treatment, and are equipped to treat all facets of this complex disease.

With appropriate and effective surgical treatment, the need for conservative therapies such as MLD and compression can be greatly reduced in almost all patients, and in some cases, conservative therapies can be eliminated after lymph sparing liposuction.

Speak to us about options available to you today at City Surgical Care.