Neurovascular Lab

Our Vascular Labs

At the Vein Centers of City Surgical Care, our vascular lab facilities are fully accredited by the American College of Radiology. This certification requires adherence to meticulous standards and a track record of excellence in patient care.

We use the most modern, advanced techniques using state of the art, high resolution, non-invasive and completely painless ultrasound testing. Our knowledgeable vascular technicians are specifically trained with extensive experience in advanced venous imaging.

Because most vascular labs, especially those in centers that treat mostly disease of the arteries, do not have the experience and skill set to accurately and specifically diagnose vein disease.

Many of our patients have been tested before at other centers, but failed to obtain the appropriate diagnosis for this reason. If you believe you may have vein disease because of your symptoms or appearance, you owe it to yourself to be evaluated in the most experienced hands.