Administrative Staff

Adam M Tonis, DC, CCRD

MG_4798-email-235x300-1Chief Operations Officer

Dr Adam Tonis has 25 years of experience in both the treatment of patients as well as management of medical practices. Engaging in direct patient care helped Dr Tonis understand the individual care necessary to garner trust and render the most appropriate treatment for each person.

Dr Tonis found that he loved the managerial and business side of health care just as much if not more than actually treating patients.  You realize that being able to take his passion for individualized care to multiple positions over multiple specialties would allow his vision to be multiplied greater than what he could do alone.

If the years of leading teams and building multi specialty practices he now has found his years of experience and paying off for City Surgical Care. Forging relationships with ancillary professionals to better assist treatment of each patient as well as designing implementing and managing new processes across the board allow the patience of our practice the greatest opportunity in getting the most advanced treatment possible.

Dr Tonis says “helping manage healthcare for patients requires a view from both 20,000 feet as well as up close and personal”. The healthcare landscape is consistently changing however patients needs remain constant. Being able to still deliver personalized attention while maintaining viability in the market place is essential. My hope is that every patient that works into our facility leaves feeling as if they were heard, treated respectfully and given the most appropriate advice available.

Our Administrative Team leaders are always at work managing our daily operations and keeping their respective teams fluid to maintain the highest standard of care, not just in the clinical arena, but making approvals, billing, scheduling and follow up as easy as possible for our patient base. We care very much about patient satisfaction, and we strive to keep this as high as possible in every regard.


Nicole Tonis MBA

Director, Business Process Management


Danielle Rizzo

Front Desk Administrative Team Leader Danielle Rizzo is our front desk team leader, and graduated from St. Johns University in New York City. Prior to joining our team at City Surgical Care, she spent several years both leading sales teams in the retail industry, as well as counseling school age students. These two skill sets in combination have made her adept at training, monitoring, and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction with our front desk staff, who are our first interface with patients.

Danielle ensures that our staff makes every effort to ensure that each patient leaves with a smile on their face and a very high level of satisfaction prior to the conclusion of their treatment with us.