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You Don’t Have to Suffer Any Longer

City Surgical Care is proud to be one of the only centers in the USA to offer
cutting edge, lymph sparing treatment for Lipedema patients.


Lipedema is a disorder of fatty tissue generally affecting the legs, which causes the legs, and sometimes the arms, but not the feet, to accumulate fatty tissue. It is part of the spectrum of soft tissue lymphatic disorders treated at City Surgical Care.

It is distinguishable by five characteristics:

  • It can be inherited
  • It occurs almost exclusively in women
  • It can occur in women of all sizes, from the seriously underweight to the morbidly obese
  • It involves the excess deposit and expansion of fat cells in an unusual and particular pattern bilateral and symmetrical and usually from the waist to a distinct line just above the ankles
  • Unlike the typical fat of obesity, lipedemic fat generally cannot be lost through diet and exercise.


I am so pleased with my results. Thank you so much. This has changed my life forever. I can do things now and engage in activities that I would have never considered before.

EDMOND BURICH May 15, 2015

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